International Numismatic Friends

Above: Chinese Currency

Left: Israel Currency

Today we had our first International visitors to our site! Welcome to our Numismatic friends from China and Israel! This site/blog is not only intended for the collector from the United States of America but for everyone around the WORLD! I have a personal love for travel and with that comes a spark and an interest in Numismatic’s wherever I go! I love making new friends all over the world and would love it even more if you were to share some of your Numismatic collections with me and the rest of our followers. China is a coin collecting BOOM waiting to happen with renewed interest and it also has a heavy burden to bear in the Numismatic Community with all of their counterfeiters of rare coins and currency. Israel, how is your collecting community over there? Let me know! I would love to hear!

Please share this site with your friends and enjoy the ride as we grow together in this Hobby. I have a Facebook page and Instagram. If you sign up here on this site, you can be notified any time we have a new blog post! Thanks again for all of you who are following and I wish you good health and happiness!


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