Precious Metal Prices on the move!

It’s no surprise to most of you that the precious metal prices are on the move! Those of you who bought when it was low are seeing a nice return if you have decided to sell. Will you be selling or are you going to be holding out for a higher return price? Let us know! Shoot us a message and tell us how your experience has been going with this move on the metals! I usually never speculate on where the price is going to be heading however it would be nice for all of us if it kept on the rise! The old adage of buy low sell high is certainly pertaining to many of you at the moment. It’s always nice to hear stories from stackers in the community and see your special rounds/bars or pours so if you would be willing to share that with us, that would be awesome! We would love to see them and if you wish to not have your pics posted, let us know. If you do, we would be happy to share as well! I wouldn’t limit this to just bullion, let us know what you collect and share with us! Help to build the community.

Wishing all of you precious metal junkies out there a happy haul (either buying or selling)! Have a great week!

Always buying/selling/trading so let us know if you are interested in anything. Thanks!

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