M.I.A. or What a summer!!!

Wow! I haven’t been on here in so long I feel I owe everyone an apology!!! I have been extremely busy with life and the day to day has given me little time to keep up with my passion of collecting. My brother in law paid us a visit from Argentina and we had a blast taking him around to Philadelphia, Havre de Grace, Rehoboth Beach, Washington D.C. and the grand finale, a few nights in the Big Apple, NYC!! We had a blast and I scattered in a few numismatic grabs along the way.

When Eric arrived he gave me a nice numismatic gift!! I received a box full of various coins from Argentina, the Falkland Islands and Korea! Gorgeous coins and even more special coming from a relative! I exhibit some of these in a later blog post for you all!

There was a little lull in the action and I was able to grab 5 rolls of quarters and 10 rolls of cents and search through them. I told myself I was only going to look through them for the “W” minted quarters and wheat cents. Anything else I would throw back in. Yeh, ok! I saved more than I usually admit to myself that I will keep. A few new 2019’s in great condition and some ’82’s and 83’s. Even found a Bicentennial.

My apologies again for such a delay and I hope you will stay with me as I continue to grow this blog and the community! Tell me what you have found hunting through rolls and change this summer! What have you purchased OR what fun you have been having this summer with the fam! Thanks again and happy collecting!!

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