The 2019 West Point Quarter Craze!!!!!!!

Since the last time we touched base with the supporting your local coin shows, there has been some major news out of the United States mint. They announced and have subsequently released Washington Quarters that have been minted at the West Point Mint. This has caught the eye of collectors and the general public alike. Right on the obverse of these beautiful quarters you will see a “W” mint mark where the normal Philadelphia (P) or Denver (D) mint mark has held its place for years.

Many of us have been searching feverishly to try and add one of these to our collections. I have had no luck finding one of these bad boys in change or while roll hunting. I hear that the mint did release them in certain areas of the country. One of them being Baltimore, Md so I figured I may have a fighting chance. I’m still fighting!!! Leave a comment below and let me know where you are located and if you have found any of these or not! Do you plan on roll hunting or will you chalk up the cash and buy one on line or at a brick and mortar?

Either way, I wish you luck and PLEASE share you find with The 7 House and all of our followers! We love to hear of your success stories and we love photos! Good luck hunting!


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