Support your local Coin Shows Continued…….

I’m gearing up for my trip to Whitman this Friday. The weather looks like it’ll be pretty miserable. Raining and around 40 degrees or so. It won’t keep me from going, that’s for sure! I fondly remember a time that I attended this show on such a day. I left the house early so we could eat breakfast at a local spot that was famous for their breakfasts down in Baltimore. It was right by the show so I figured it would be no big deal. It started to pour rain on the way down. I didn’t bring an umbrella and by the time I got in to the show from walking in the rain to the restaurant and then to the convention center, I was drenched. It was still a good day all in all! I will report out to everyone, possibly a live feed for the first time on my instagram? Not sure but keep on the look out!

One of my other favorite (semi local to me) shows is the Gettysburg Battlefield show held at the Eisenhower Resort and Conference Center just outside of the welcoming town of Gettysburg, Pa. It draws a great crowd and there isn’t much that you cannot find at this show. It will make the novice collector feel welcome with the size of the bourse floor (fancy name for the show floor at a coin show) and the sellers who are more than happy to strike up a conversation with you! I have a good friend who lives in Paris France and I was checking out a table that had books of foreign coins. One of them being French coins. I was in deep concentration peddling through the pages upon pages of French coins the vendor had. He started to talk to me about how he acquired the coins, what my interests were and how I came to like French coins. I had a health conversation with my new friend and I ended up leaving his booth with the entire book of French coins for quite the bargain! It pays to talk to people and this hobby brings together people from all walks of life.

The show had a few paper money vendors and everything from the highly polished displays of coins a novice would be afraid to even approach (I urge you to still go up and chat if you can. Find out more!!!!) to the part time collector who has his red 2X2 boxes out and is just waiting for you to come up and go through them. There is a supply vendor who has it all as well so you will want to hit him up on the way out for some coin supplies, for sure. It really is a show that you don’t want to miss!

There are two shows that I really want to get on my radar for the near future. The Red Rose Coin Club in Lancaster holds 2 shows a year I believe and the Wilmington Coin Club (DE) holds one in the New Year. I would love to hear from you and see what shows you like to go to and why! Especially if you are in my neck of the woods (PA,DE,MD,NJ,NY)! Well, thanks again for checking out my blog! Be sure to support me with a like and a share and also check out my instagram page and facebook,

Have a great week!


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