Staying Positive!

Many of us get down in the dumps while hunting for our favorite coins. The grade you want is too expensive, you are having a dry streak coin roll hunting or you just don’t have the money to do what you want to do! What we must realize is that you need to stay positive in these types of situations. Continue on the right path and keep pursuing what you love! You’ll get there some day and if you can’t then realize this and learn from it. Learn in the sense that you either adjust your path to get to where or what you want or try something completely different. You will fail if you don’t try!

I bring this up because not only will you hear about coins on this blog, you’ll here a little about me and my life’s adventures as well. I drive a truck for my regular job and without saying exactly what I do, I drive infrequently. So I had to drive on Monday. I’m ready to get on the road, feeling excited to get out because I hadn’t been behind the wheel in a while. The tunes are on and life is great! (As great as you can get at 3:00 in the morning!) I’m heading down the road and the truck shuts off. The dash is lit up like a Christmas tree there are so many errors on and I’m holding the steering wheel of 80,000 pounds of truck that is coasting down the road. A thousand things run through your head. Do I stop now? Do I let it coast so I can get to a decent spot ( there were none)????

I got a replacement truck brought out to me. I started my day an hour late in an area that I don’t normally go to. Soo ma y things to put you in a bad mood but I chose to remain positive. In fact I made it my mission and you know what? It worked! I was headed down a path of negativity and I turned it around! I chose the different path! The same thing applies to everything in your life, including numismatics! It is what you make of it. Talk to someone new at a show on the floor, give someone a compliment on their coin they share online, let something go a little cheaper to a young collector to make their day (and yours)……..

Be the excitement, the positivity in the room and be what draws new people in to the hobby!

  • Be positive and it will come back to you 10 fold. Sometimes when you least expect it!
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