Weekend/Time off pleasures

I hope this finds you all well! I wanted to throw out a quick hello and thank you to everyone who has checked out my new blog and left some feedback for me!

We all work very hard in this crazy thing we call life so that we can enjoy it and the people/places/things in it! Sometimes our Numismatic adventures have to take a side step to life and that’s ok. What do you find yourself thinking about when this happens? Do you find yourself squeezing in a quick look at your favorite online website or watching a youtube video? Possibly hunting through a roll of cents or quarters to see if you can find anything really quick…..

My quilty pleasure when I don’t have a whole lot of time is getting online and talking to fellow coin collectors on CoinTalk.com . It’s easy to find a couple minutes to jump online and see what everyone else is talking about. It’s a great site to start off with for all you new people in to the hobby and can be very informative when you take the time to listen to the experienced collectors on there. It provides information for many interests in the field. There are sections for Error coins, Bullion, Paper Money, World coins and soo much more. Check it out! It really is a gem in our community.

Tell me about what you like to do in your free time no matter how much or how little that is. Have a great weekend and I am looking forward to hearing how you spend your valuable free minutes with numismatics!

This is a new adventure for me so if you like what you see and want to help grow with me, please share/like and subscribe to this blog. More to come…….!


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