Welcome to The 7 House!

Welcome to The 7 House! My name is Tony, and I have affectionately been given the nickname of BamBam. I am excited to have all of you here on this journey with me as we explore everything that Numismatics has to offer. This first introduction is just the beginning of what I want to be a myriad of Numismatic information, discussions, podcasts and videos on the hobby that I love. My story…………..

My story, like so many of you, starts at a very young age. I lived the very active life of a young child who was lucky enough to live next to his grandfather. One of my grandfathers passions was gardening and birds. He owned an empty building lot between our house and his. It was full to the brim with gardens and bird feeders, flowers of all kinds and even a tiny grape vineyard. Honeysuckle was growing on the fence between the two properties and always gave us a nice aroma on summer days.

My first and only numismatic interaction with my grandfather was quick, short lived and instantly forgotten until later when I was able to realize how important my childhood memories were. My dad gave my brother and I a silver coin he found in his change and told us to go over to grandpa and give that to him. “He’ll give you more money for it,” dad said. I honestly don’t know if it was a dime, a quarter or what it was but we tore off to his house through his magnificent garden. We raced up the stairs and there he was in his coin office. We smacked that thing down on the table and he laughed and we got what we came for. More money from Grandpa and off we went.

Details in this hobby are so important. Details that you sometimes forget but are reminded of later in life. Take the feedback if you forget. Learn and process. The details that I see now as I look back on that interaction make me a little sad that I didn’t spend more time with him. Learning from everything he knew and had. When you went in to the office there were metal book shelves from floor to ceiling with boxes of what I can only imagine were coins and other collectibles. He really was a fan of collecting a lot of different things but coins were his passion. What did he have? What was in those boxes that I wish I would have learned about? I never asked the gentle old man leaning over a desk looking at coins. I’ll never know. He passed a while after and that is a whole other blog entry in itself.

I will leave you with this………….

If you are lucky enough to have an older relative in Numismatics, learn as much as you can from them. Be a sponge and seek out their knowledge. If you are new and starting off by yourself, join a local coin club. Read books, join a coin forum website and learn as much as you can and as often. If you are waiting for the right time to dip your toe back in the preverbal waters, don’t. Just dive back in and find out what you missed!

Take advice from people you look up to. Don’t wait until the time is right, just do it. It will all come around sooner or later. I did and it pushed me to start all of this which I am super excited to have you along for our journey. Thanks for reading and please comment!

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