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Whatever you may be looking for or wherever your numismatic path is taking you, The 7 House can help you get there. We offer appraisal services in the MD/DE/PA/NJ areas, we buy and sell bullion, rare and modern coins and paper money. We can help you with your special requests and anything else you may need! From small collections to estate hoards.......................

About The 7 House

From a love of collecting came a passion to help others………….

My name is Tony. I have been collecting coins for the vast majority or my life. In late 2018, I had a vision to create my own website, blog and online store. Start to give back to the Numismatic Community whom has given so much to me. I encourage all of you to look around, have a good time, ask questions, shop and most importantly, follow the links I have listed to some of the BEST numismatic content on the web. It is a work in progress so thank you for your patience. One of the best things in life that you can do is to learn and then pass it on to others. Help me encourage participation in our hobby so we can continue to grow it and make it what we want it to be! 

Your Friend in Numismatics,


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